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Seems sort of a shame to model all this stuff and leave out our good buddy the Lunar Module, so here goes!I found some absolutely fantastic reference here, a full LM model built by Vincent Meenshttp://spacemodels.nuxit.net/LEM-24
Here is some more work on the LUT, just trying to get as much detailing as I can.
More work on the Engineer Suit. Spent a lot of time refining as best I could. So at this point it's been retopologized with Modo.
It's been awhile, time for some updates. First some character work from last year (2013). Here's something I gave a try after finding the character on Carlos Huante's website:
Something more interesting for the Engineers suit, something more along the lines of a soldiers suit: Initial rough dynamesh
Decided to redo the textures for this guy, I think this is more interesting and more in the spirit of Giger's biomechanical work.
Haven't posted in a while, so here's some stuff I've been working on. Back in February I participated in a Cloth Simulation competition, using Houdini for the cloth sim and animation with the core animation provided by Mixamo. This was my attempt at it,
Some further progress on the second biomech creature. The modeling is pretty much done, and I'm in the process of texturing it. Here's some shots of the remainder of modeling progress
Finally understood instancing in Houdini, so I made a test scene that instances lights and geometry. The scene was modeled in modo by doing one half of one section. This was then imported in, mirrored and then instanced multiple times. Floor tubing (not
Some shots of the first bio mech creature in a turntable scene. Something a little more suitable for presentation purposes. Zbrush texturing
Got a little more done bits and pieces here and there. At this point it's all just a dynamesh blob, soon I'll have to retopologize and move it over to a real mesh.
Noodling around with another attempt at a biomech creature
More stuff for this project. First a bit more on the head innards - the biobrain if you will: possible color scheme...
Another set of updates for the biomech creature. Got more work done with finishing up the mesh and adding textures.
Some further updates to this guy:
Couple more updates.
Felt like fooling around in ZB some more. I got interested in trying to make some other creature sculpts. This guy is some sort hunter beast. Maybe you can use it to eat your neighbor's yippy little dog that wakes you up at all hours of the
Some improvements to the Tron character, fixed issues with the materials in Houdini.
Somehow Sierra needs to escape from Flynn's safehouse. What better way than to blow out the front window and leap to her almost certain segment fault and imminent core dump. First some experiments with trying to get the safehouse wall built
Yeah, just in case, thought I might need a tank, who knows, it might not get used...Actually in hind sight I need to re-do this, there's stuff that just doesn't work.Anyhow, as usual I turned to the concept art of Daniel Simon for
This time I thought I'd do a quickie ZBrush sculpt (or as quick as I can work in ZBrush, which is not very fast) of Tron, just in case I needed him...I started with the Modo Man base mesh, chopped off his toes and rebuilt them to work as
Some work done shortly after the holidays...This is initial work for the Tron City set, gradually working out how to build the city using procedural techniques. Individual buildings are modeled in Modo then incorporated into a larger set in
A couple of shots with a more dynamic pose and some experiments with the suit materials. Eyes are now rigged in Houdini with a custom eye asset. These are raw renders, no post work done in AE.
Here's some shots of what a somewhat complex model looks like in Houdini when you use it for modeling. The whole model (the HMSS Invincible project) was modeled with Houdini, and these are some shots.
Finally some animation work, animation done in Messiah (as well as rigged there), then exported to Houdini, and play blasted. The bike rig is done in Houdini and animated there (just to make my life interesting).First attempt
Done with After Effects, a couple of months back.
Some more shots of the nasty guard!
Some older updates to the Black guard. I was curious if I could model 90% of by hand, polygon modeling, as opposed to taking a base mesh into ZB and sculpting it there. And it turned out not too bad...
Some updates, a few things I've modified. Sierra get's a shiny new helmet, a little more menacing, to kick the asses of any nasty Black Guard Programs she runs into:
Haven't posted in a while. Some updates from a while back on this baby:Cut outs for the gear:
Some stuff from this weekend. These are some basic models that will be used for environment renders (for matte paintings or 360 HDR Images rendered in Vue). First some building models:
More work on the materials for the light cycle body, floor, and wheel light lines.
Finally got her onto a light cycle
Some further posing after tweaking the rig's weights a bit more:
Finally rendered a pose with houdini. The pose is generated by a rig in messiah and exported via MDD files to houdini. Body and face rig were based off of tutorials by
Sort of getting closer to having this work:Frizzy:
Got further along with the rig, using Joe Cosman's tutorials (http://www.lulu.com/product/media-download/rigging2/2319712) for this as a basis. Added some extra bones here and there for more support in the shoulder/lat regions. I'm using pmg's Messiah
Experimented with adding eyelashes to the character, and refined the makeup a bit more:
Some further shots:Refined it a little:
Some further work on the Sierra model, focusing on trying to get a reasonable face on her. Two possibilities: